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Are you still sending out Mail Newsletters?

Your printing costs must be really high?  Have you considered sending out e-newsletters instead?

E-newsletters is news that has been created in electronic format , i.e in Microsoft Word or Publisher.  These newsletters could also be in PDF format. However sending them like that through email to your clients could be doing more harm than good...  People tend to little time on their hands to open attachments and reading Word documents.  If you could capture their attention immediately when they open their email, it would guarantee an opportunity to sell your product - what you need is HTML format e-newsletters.

Have you considered HTML?

HTML is the code website programmers use to create webpages.  We can use the same code to transform your Word or PDF documents into web-friendly pages that is displayed without any attachments in emails.

This means that when your client receives your newsletter, they will be able to see all the graphics and text in their email program, just like a webpage, without the need of opening any attachments.

We offer a Paper to HTML service specifically for companies wishing to send their e-newsletters in HTML format.  You just send us your Word or PDF document and we will email you the HTML version, ready to be sent to your clients.  You can use the HTML document as a template for any future communications - making this a very sweet deal indeed. 

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Other E-newsletter Services

Gladstone Web Design can:

  • manage your e-newsletter subscriptions
  • design your e-newsletter
  • add a newsletter section on your website (and make it editable - optional)
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