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Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media?

Social media is getting increased attention from businesses. Many use it to reach customers and to build or maintain reputation. As social media continue to grow, the ability to reach more consumers globally has also increased. Twitter, for example, has expanded its global reach to Japan, Indonesia, and Mexico, among others. This means that businesses are able to reach a broader range of consumers.

Social media have become the "new tool" for effective business marketing and sales.  Popular networking sites including Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are the platforms most commonly used for socialization and connecting friends, relatives, and employees. 

Gladstone Web Design can give you advice as to which of these social media can be of benefit to your marketing campaigns. 

What services does Gladstone Web Design offer?

Gladstone Web Design will help you set up your Social Media accounts - if needed.  We can implement techniques and advertising strategies using Social Media Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and blogging.

We offer a Social Media Awareness Consulting Hour at the inexpensive rate of $99.  During this hour long consultation you will learn about the roles different social media could play when you promote your business to consumers.  We will analyze your target audience and how they interact through social media and then devise a plan to capitalize on those trends.

Please Contact Us to book your Social Media Awareness Hour now!

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